Insight Changes Everything

In a turbulent, evolving market, insight changes everything. It gives your strategy the power and direction it needs to get you where you want to go.

NEW has conceptualized and implemented marketing strategies for K-12 and post-secondary products and services for more than 10 years. With the insight that comes from decades of experience in the educational marketplace, we understand these dynamic environments.

What We Offer

  • Market Research and Insight
  • Market Development and Customer-Driven Planning
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Communications
  • Featured Solutions

We have worked with students, instructors, and all levels of administration, including superintendents, college presidents and system chancellors.

We know our way around a campus.

Because we have executive managerial experience in educational publishing, we know what it's like to hire and work with marketing consultants. We've been clients ourselves, and we filter all of our work through a key quality-assurance check: "What would our own expectations be if we were the client?"

Whether you are an established company, start-up, non-profit or foundation in the educational marketplace, we can guide you, partner with you, or run your project for you. Let NEW be your solution.

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